Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cheat Engine Tutorial Step # 2 - Walkthrough

Thanks for joining me today for the FIRST walkthrough of the
Cheat Engine Tutorial blog.

Lets go ahead and get started shall we?

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1. The first thing you want to do is make sure you have cheat engine. (If you do not have Cheat Engine yet, get it from the website:

2. Now open the folder where Cheat Engine is located, and find the file “Tutorial”.

3. Open that file and you will get a window open on your screen saying:
“Cheat Engine Tutorial v3″

4. Go ahead and press NEXT on the window and that will bring you to the First tutorial in Cheat Engine

**As simple as it is, I will still explain it here for information purposes.**

5. Now that we have our first step open, go ahead and open “Cheat Engine.exe” (If you have Vista make sure you say “Allow” if a messag epops up)

6. In your Cheat Engine window you will see a glowing icon at the top left hand corner of your window, click it.

7. A list will pop up with a bunch of names of programs and other stuff. Scroll down to the end and select “XXXXXXXX-Tutorial” – with the “XXXXXXXX” being 8 random numbers/letters.

8. You have just selected a “Process”. Each program open has its own “Process” that includes Variables that we will edit with Cheat Engine.

9. Type 100 into your Cheat Engine search box and press “FIRST SCAN”. After the scan is complete there will be a list of adresses on the left of your screen that are the “Variables” in this “Proccess”.

10. To figure out which “Variable” is the one you want to edit, you need to either increase or decrease the variable that you are attempting to locate.

11. Do so by hitting the “Hit me” button in your Cheat Engine Tutorial window. Hitting the “Hit me” button lowers your health by a certain ammount every time clicked.

12. After you press “Hit me” enter your health in the Cheat Engine search bar and press “NEXT SCAN” make sure you hit next scan NOT new scan.

13. Now you will get a new list of adresses, but this time it searches within the adresses that you just found on your first scan. Shortening your adresses until you have successfully located your “Variable”.

14. Repeat this process until you only have ONE “Address” left in the Address box.

15. Double click that address to add it to your Address editing box, and double click on “VALUE”

16. Change the value to 1000, and press “OK”.

17. Now you want to press “Hit me again” so your Variable changes or “Refreshes”.

18. Your health should now be around 1000!

Great Job! Thanks for following my tutorial and I hope everything went allright
Come back next week for another Walkthrough on Cheat Engine Tutorials!

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